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The Phoenix Group provides answers to our nation’s increasingly complex disaster response needs. Easy IAP has been proven an effective planning, training, and response software tool for small volunteer responder groups as well as for large-scale disaster situations. Its affordability, scalability, and usability are important benefits for any corporation seeking a simple answer to a complicated issue.

Additionally, the flexible EPIC EOC is a crisis information management system with integrated all-hazards, capabilities-based approach. These products accomplish the need to directly connect the many levels and departments involved with an incident response, which may include multiple jurisdictions and mutual-aid relationships. In this way, a common operating picture is developed, optimizing the effectiveness of each organization participating in the same response.

Our cost-effective products provide: 1) planning, training, and response solutions, and 2) user-friendly means to ensure all-hazards interoperability between emergency managers and each stakeholder.

Easy IAP Software: emergency response software that creates coordinated, multiagency response plans:

  • Cost-effective software solution to create Incident Action Plans (IAP)
  • Eliminates the paperwork associated with IAP creation and usage.
  • Installed on a network or used as standalone software, eliminating the need for the Internet.
  • Provides easy tracking and customization of emergency plans throughout each operational period. Stores prior plans and templates for future use. Modifications to active plans are emailed or uploaded to a server.
  • Includes a wizard that walks users through plan setup and automatically fills in all required ICS forms.
  • Requires minimal training – about one hour.
  • Full compliancy with NIMS, ICS, SEMS, and Homeland Security Presidential Directives 5 & 8.