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The Phoenix Group brings together industry-leading professionals to offer California’s premier disaster management team. The average Phoenix group instructor has over 25 years of direct experience and training in disaster response fields, drawing from their extensive knowledge as police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, first responders, and emergency managers. The training we provide will ensure business continuity by empowering your employees to handle natural and man made disaster events. Protecting the personal safety of employees, resources, and facilities ensures that your staff will respond intelligently and capably in a crisis situation, thereby protecting the physical and personal assets of your business or organization.

Our seasoned professionals have tackled the worst disaster scenarios—both man-made and natural—with proven expertise in preparedness, reaction, and recovery training. Phoenix Group instructors not only have the necessary skills to tackle worst-case-scenarios, but also provide a strong history of effective, mixed-methods teaching programs that ensure your company is prepared for a disaster event at anytime. We believe that in order to effectively provide disaster response solutions, you need more than a group of veteran professionals—you also need a thorough program of training that delivers the same high quality instruction regardless of the scenario, population, or type of organization.

We tailor our training to the needs of our clients to ensure implementation of scalable disaster preparedness solutions. To guarantee success the Phoenix Group has pioneered its own educational program that provides a dynamic team of instructors to ensure a superior sensibility of customer needs. Our experts deploy a modular training structure, building job-specific programs that anticipate the resources required to respond to a specific disaster scenario or event.