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The Phoenix Group specializes in disaster response training and products for businesses, corporations, and organizations. In a crisis scenario the first moments involve life or death decisions. We provide the training, procedures, and education your staff will need to respond capably and intelligently. Our instructors average over 25 years of proven experience as fire fighters, police officers, EMTs, paramedics and first responders—seasoned veterans all working to provide you with the safety and continuity of business your organization needs in today’s unpredictable world.

The Phoenix Group provides:

  • Disaster and emergency response training
  • Disaster and emergency supplies, kits, containers & software
  • Emergency Planning (including emergency response software)
  • Training, supplies, software and planning can be bundled for increased savings
  • Scalable solutions to suit our clients' needs

Please contact us with any questions or visit our training and services pages for more information